911 Boards

The Midland County Central Dispatch Authority (MCCDA) is governed by an Administrative Authority Board (APB).  The Authority is its own entity and is not a Midland County or Midland City agency/department. 

The board consists of:

  1. 2 City of Midland representatives
  2. 2 Midland Township Association Members
  3. 2 Midland County representatives
  4. A citizen at large

Current members are Assistant City of Midland Manager David Keenan, Deputy Police Chief Joshua McMillan, Mark Trinklein (Lincoln Township), Kevin Wray (Lincoln Township), Midland County Controller Bridgette Gransden, Sheriff Myron Greene and Grant Helms (Citizen). 

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is made up of 11 representatives that include Midland County Emergency Management, Midland County Sheriff’s Office, Midland City Police Department, Coleman City Police Department, the MCCDA APB Chairperson, Midland County Fire Chief’s Association, Midland City Fire Department, MyMichigan EMS, Midland County Medical Control and the Michigan State Police.