Kids Page

Know what 911 is.

911 is the phone number you can call from any phone when you need help or you see someone who needs help right away. 

When do I call 911
Call 911 when someone or something is hurt or in danger and you need a police officer, firefighter or a doctor. You should call 911 when you are scared something bad is happening or when you find yourself alone or lost.

Know what happens when you call 911.
After you dial, the person who picks up on the other end will be someone who works at a 911 center and whose job it is to help you. They may ask you to do things to help or ask you questions. It is important that you follow their directions as best you can. They will send someone to wherever you are and stay on the phone with you until everyone is safe.

Never hang up.
Even if you called 911 by accident, or if you think the problem has gone away, it is important that you stay on the phone until the 911 operator tells you it is alright to hang up. It is the 911 operator's job to make sure that you are OK and that help has gotten to whoever needs it. In situations where you aren't able to talk or have to leave, keep the phone off the hook so that the 911 operator can hear what is going on in the room. Most times, they will be able to use the computers at the 911 center to fnd your address.

Memorize important stuff about you and your family.
Being able to tell the 911 operator things like your address, your parents' names, and your phone number will get help to you faster.

Know where you are. 
If you aren't at home and don't know the address where you are look around and try to fnd a street sign or a building with a name on it so that the 911 operator knows your exact location.

Can I practice calling 911
If you call 911 to practice make sure you do this with an adult and tell the 911 operator that are practicing calling 911 and DO NOT have an emergency.

Prank calls to 911
Sometimes kids like to call 911 as a prank. Remember that if a 911 operator is busy handling a prank phone call, they are not able to answer other emergency calls to assist someone that is hurt or someone whos house is burning down. It is very important that you do not call 911 unless you have an emergency. For many prank calls, the 911 operator will ask to speak with your parent and if they are unable to, will send an officer or deputy to make contact with you and your parents.