1-888-Tell-More Emergency Notification

When emergencies and disasters happen, it is important to get information to the public concerning actions that should be taken to protect lives and property. That is exactly what 1-888-TELL-MORE (1-888-835-5667) is all about. If a chemical accident, tornado, flood, siren activation or some other extraordinary event occurs, emergency responders will provide, as quickly as possible, information to you about the event and its potential effects on the community through 1-888-TELL-MORE (1-888-835-5667).

When you become aware of a large emergency or disaster situation in Midland County, call this toll free number to find out more about the incident and to find out what you and your family should do to protect yourselves. After the disaster has passed, any necessary follow-up information will also be provided to you through 1-888-TELL-MORE (1-888-835-5667).

It is our goal to keep the citizens and visitors of Midland County better informed than ever before through the use of this service.

It is essential to remember to NOT CALL 911 unless you are in need of police, fire or medical attention. Calling 911 during these disasters or incidents for information saturates 911 and prevents 911 employees from provided needed assistance to those residents or visitors that are in need of police, fire or medical response. Please also keep in mind that it may take a few minutes for updated information to be placed onto 1-888-TELL-MORE (1-888-835-5667) due to extreme saturation of the 911 calls to dispatchers during these events.

Questions or comments about 1-888-TELL-MORE (1-888-835-5667) should be directed to Lisa Hall via email at or by calling (989) 839-6464.

1-888-TELLMORE or 1-888-835-5667